Through the city of Valencia runs the Turia River, in which wide river basin a magnificent park that bears the same name has been erected, and it goes as a belt around the wider city center.
At the one end of the park are the big botanical gardens and a zoo. At the other part of the park is the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de Las Artes y Ciencias). 

That part of Valencia is a unique example of modern architecture, created by one of the world most respected contemporary architects, Santiago Calatrava. Complex encompasses a number of museums and galleries, such as Palau De Las Arts Reina Sofia (Modern Arts Museum), L'Umbracle (the unique green zone that expands on over 7000 square meters, and boasts a number of plants shown in a manner that they change according to the seasons), L'Hemisferic (exhibition space on the Hemisphere topic), Principe Felipe (Science Museum) and L'Oceanographic (Oceanography museum).

L'Oceanographic is the biggest aquarium in Europe, it has around 500 000 specimens of the aquatic living world, and over 45000 different kinds of animals. There you will be able to discover everything you ever wanted to know about the secrets of the deep waters.

When someone says Spain, you immediately think - Corrida. More than just a fight, more than fun, more than tradition. Simply - The pride of Spain. Something pure Spanish, not modern, medieval, and always attractive, is the Corrida de Toros - a circus where you can see the fights between the Torero and the bull.
Nightlife in Valencia is very diverse: from the calm, romantic cafes in the central part of the city (Carmen), where you can taste the Spanish beer, cocktails, and the unavoidable tapas and copas (the Spanish hors d'oeuvres), to the clubs in the Caballeros street where you can dance salsa, or go to the one of private beach parties, or beach clubs.

Those who like Formula 1, will also enjoy Valencia. Don't miss the tour of the new Formula 1 track that's right on the seashore. Better yet, plan your vacation in August, during the races. For the lovers of soccer - an extra goal for Valencia, the magnificent stadium of the FC Valencia is a must see, especially during matches, when it literally burns into flames. 

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