Miami, USA

Miami, like most US cities is a very modern city, where you shouldn't be looking for palaces from the old age and historical stories. Its attractions are mostly oriented towards beauty and comfort of architecture, parks and venues. The most popular, are the beaches with various facilities, activities and programs.

One of the biggest attractions of Miami Beach is the Flamingo Park. Built around 1950 it boasts wonderful promenades, swimming pool, water park, tennis, basketball, baseball courts.

A totally different world then the hustle and bustle of the city of Miami is the Biscayne national park. It's comprises of the longest wild shore on the east coast of Florida, large part of the Biscayne Bay and a lot of small islands right next to the shore. The best way to see the park is to rent a boat.

On Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, you will find Casa Casuarina, or the former Versace palace, in front of which the famous designer Gianni Versace was killed in the 90s. Half of the house is privately owned, and another half will be opened for public. There are plans to turn it to a luxurious nightclub. To the lovers of modern architecture, South Beach is the place to see, the so-called Art Deco district.

On the shores of the Biscayne Bay you will see a building that brings the European style into the US. It's called Vizcaya Museum - a palace built in 1916. by three young and unexperienced architects. Both, it's interior and exterior have Italian and Spanish influences, and it represents a different face of opulent Miami from the beginning of the XX century.

Miami Design District is a shopping area, but also known for it's interesting architecture. You can see it in a few hours, and it's recommended even to those who don't like shopping, just for the experience, cause it's a very unique and fanciful place.

Miami & the Florida Keys

When talking about Miami and its nightlife, the sentences are unnecessary. Only one word is enough: flawless. Come, and see for yourself. A heap of clubs all around the city, guarantees the best night out you will have in your life.  Don't be surprised if in one of the clubs you see American celebs, Arab princes, Russian tycoons, and all of the glitterati from across the globe.

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