Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, and it has around 15,2 million inhabitants, therefore, it's the 13th biggest city in the world. While Al-Qahirah is the official name of the city, locals usually call it Misr (which in arabic actually means Egypt). Name Al-Qahirah means "The one who rules, to whose will you submit". The name was given to the city because many armies throughout history have tried to conquer the city, and were destroyed by the defenders of Cairo.


Vietnam is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination, not living anymore under the shadow of its older "tourist brother" Thailand. To reach Vietnam, you will have to come by plane. Most probably the first sight of Vietnam that you will encounter is a "Tan Son Nhat" Airport in Ho Chi Minh, which has connections to most parts of the Globe. Vietnam is a big country and its sights are spread all over, so in order to see the most, you can fly within the country for very affordable prices (comes in handy when you don't have much time, or just don't feel like riding on a bus for ages).

Kingston, Jamaica

Completely different than the tourist resorts in Jamaica, Kingston caters to these who want to feel the real spirit of the reggae culture and the urban Caribbean. Kingston is the biggest city south of the United States where the official language is English.Tourists coming to Jamaica, usually bypass the city of Kingston, cause of its reputation of a chaotic and dangerous city, with constant sounds of the police sirens. But, those who do visit Kingston see that it has a lot to offer.

Miami, USA

Miami, like most US cities is a very modern city, where you shouldn't be looking for palaces from the old age and historical stories. Its attractions are mostly oriented towards beauty and comfort of architecture, parks and venues. The most popular, are the beaches with various facilities, activities and programs.

From Bibione to Chioggia: the Venetian Coast


Besides the beautiful Venice, the Veneto region, in the North East of Italy, has a long coastline, overlooking for more than 70 km the Adriatic Sea. The coast is characterized by the succession of beaches with fine golden sand, up to 300 m deep, and the presence, immediately behind the beaches, of the pine forest, a thick vegetation of maritime pines. The coastline is interrupted only by the Lagoon of Venice, in whose little islands you can find solitary beaches such as Alberoni and Pellestrina or lively ones such as the Lido.


Through the city of Valencia runs the Turia River, in which wide river basin a magnificent park that bears the same name has been erected, and it goes as a belt around the wider city center.
At the one end of the park are the big botanical gardens and a zoo. At the other part of the park is the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de Las Artes y Ciencias).